Investing in your therapy

The stigma around being ‘in therapy’ is finally changing!

Why? Because people who have been ‘in therapy’ will share with you their enlightened, free and happier outlook.

Reaching out for therapeutic support may be driven by a negative experience or feelings, maybe a desire to fix something and this can feel vulnerable or embarrassing even. However, what can be found is a space where you can reconnect with yourself, understand and overcome your pain and ultimately begin to build or rebuild healthy relationships with yourself and others. What therapy enables you to do is to move forward in your life, empowering your abilities, embracing your vulnerabilities and helping you to reconnect with your authentic self.

initial appointment

Cost: £25
Time: 30 minutes.

Therapy session

Cost: £35-£40
Time: 50 minutes.


Block bookings of 6 or more sessions will be discounted by 10%.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.